Custom programming enables the athlete and optimizer to train independently while maintaining the benefits of a tailored approach to reaching your goals. All programs are supported by detailed video instruction to ensure continuous improvement while observing technical precision to maintain safety. 

Listed below you will see our most popular performance mediums.  

  • Fitness & Sport Performance 
  • Mobility and Movement Enrichment 
  • Jiu Jitsu, MMA, Tactical Athletes 
  • Endurance Athlete Viability 
  • Recovery and Inflammation Management 

 30 Day Custom Program - $175


Program Bundle

Performance Assessment  $175 - 1 hour 

Coaching follow up session to review Assessment $100- 1 hour 

30 Day Custom Program $175 

Total Cost $450 

Performance Bundle Discount $400 

" Whether preparing for a 1/2 marathon, Crossfit Competition, or Weightlifting Meet, Luke has always been able to get to the root of my limitations. He has such a passion and expertise, over the years he has helped me gain stability, increase flexibility, and perform at my best. Combining great listening and unmatched observational skills, I always empowered, more knowledgable, and with the perfectly constructed training program to resolve pain

and move properly. "

                     Kay Lybeck                   


                                                                                     Oregon Masters Weightlifting Record Holder

                                                                                          Crossfit Masters Competitor

                                                                                          Spartan Race Destroyer