Physical Therapy

How can an in-depth Orthopedic, Mobility, or Sport Performance assessment benefit you?

  • Cultivate an extensive understanding of your movement capacity and limitations
  • Learn how to eliminate pain. Or better yet, the factors that enabled your injury to occur
  • Gain stamina and increased work capacity through improving positional efficiency
  • Increase your strength by unlocking your neuromuscular potential
  • Enhance your mobility to achieve Olympic Lifting or Gymnastics positioning and setup
  •  Reduce needed recovery timelines by improving your pre and post training routines
  • Construct a personalized mobility home program to support  and sustain your treatment 

Initial Evaluation  $110 - 1 hour 

Follow-Up $90 - 1 hour 


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The cash pay per service model

StayUnbroken services are provided through the cash pay per service model. There are endless benefits to cash pay medicine.  Primarily, this model enables immediate patient care.  Direct access to your clinician allows immediate consultation and treatment both accelerating your healing timetable while allowing you to control your healthcare.  Cash pay eliminates any opportunity for uncertainty during your rehabilitation process such as deductible status, variability of insurance contract rate negotiations, and market fluctuation

You maybe eligible for reimbursement through your Health Saving Account or through your insurance provider. Below you will find the Insurance Benefits Worksheet to help you navigate your policy to determine if you can submit a Super Bill.  If you hope to be reimbursed from your HSA or Insurance provider we recommend contacting them directly prior to your Initial Evaluation. Please contact us at 805-660-1995 and allow us to assist you or answer any questions. 


Insurance Benefits Worksheet.pdf
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New Patient Forms

Please Take a moment to download and complete the following forms prior to your visit. Please arrive to your appointment approximately 15 minutes prior to your appointment time allowing you a stress free window to complete your documentation, find parking, and change as needed.

New Patient History Intake Form.pdf
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Payment, Cancellation & No Show Policy.p
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