Performance Medicine 

This is true healthcare.  Retroactively seeking care after an injury is disease care.   We need to end  the polarization existing between rehabilitation and performance.   The goal is living and performing optimally;  StayUnbroken was created to synthesize and simplify this alchemy. 

 It's your health, now own it. 


 Dr. Luke Hartmann is a passionate movement specialist, fervent human performance scientist holding a Doctorate in Physical Therapy with specialties in evidence- based Orthopedic Sports Medicine, neuromuscular recovery, and sports nutrition. As a diverse recreational athlete, waterman, and epicurean, he drives StayUnbroken to cultivate idealized human function.  From weekend warrior to Crossfit Games athlete, from the strapping to the sprightly, StayUnbroken provides the architecture to peak performance without compromising longevity.   

  • Doctor of  Physical Therapy
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
  • Bachelor of Science Kinesiology and Exercise Physiology
  • Bachelor of Science Minor  Sports Nutrition
  • Functional Movement System Certified 
  • Crossfit Level 1 and Level 2 Trainer
  • Graston Certified Practitioner 

" I have been working with Luke as my PT and coach for several years with great results. With his incredible knowledge, Luke designs holistic training and treatment programs that keep me healthy while performing at my highest level year round. "

  Charlie Douthwaite

Cyclocross Athlete

Wilderness Enthusiast

"25 Years ago I was a Division 1 wrestler. Since that time, Stressful job, too many hours at a desk, ruptured ligaments, broken bones, surgeries, bourbon, - they have all left their mark. I attempted to stay at it, Crossfit, surfing, snowboarding, but I could not stay healthy. The list of body parts that hurt began to outnumber those that didn't. Finally, I got tired of being stoic and contacted Luke. 

He figured out why my scapula didn't work and eliminated the constant grinding and pain in my shoulders.   He identified my hip mobility restrictions and tackled my knee and back pain. Luke continued by evaluating my lifestyle, my habits, and most importantly my goals. With Luke's help, I have returned to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and earned my purple belt. Not quite a time machine,

but pretty close. "                                                 

                                   - Steve O'Hagan                                                                

- Attorney Multnomah County District Attorney's Office                             

 - Born again Outdoor Junkie 

- Grappling Monster 

"Luke's ability to diagnose, treat, and educate his patients is in a class all by itself. Each visit he breaks down complex movement patterns, hones in on root causes, and sends me on my way with a firm understanding of what's wrong, and what the plan of attack is. With regards to long standing issues, he has succeeded where others have failed. For PT, movement and injury prevention... there is no reason to look any further!"                                                                                                              5/5 Stars - M. P. 

"Dr. Hartmann takes the time to understand his athlete and their aspirations.  The plan that he implemented for me was customized to my goals. It was clear, concise, and easy to follow. The value he adds to your life far exceeds the price of the appointment. I highly recommend Dr. Hartmann. " 

                                                                                                                                           5/5 Stars   - B. B. 

"I am always impressed with his knowledge and communication skills.  He thinks outside of the box to find the answer and treats problems that stem from within the limits of anatomy.  I highly recommend him. " 

                                                                                                                                            5/5 Stars  - E. A. 

"I have been extremely happy with Dr. Hartmann. He has helped me recover from a knee ligament tear with a spot-on diagnosis and rehab program. I found him extremely knowledgable, articulate, and caring. I have been most impressed with his understanding of the emotional implications of injury and his holistic approach. "                                                                                                                         5/5 Stars - A. P. 

"Luke's understanding of body mechanics is nothing short of magical.  More importantly, he has an amazing ability to impart what he knows in a way that is both accessible and actionable. He's a great partner in health. "                                                                                                              5/5 Stars- S. C. 

" Luke is a phenomenal PT. Whether you swim, Crossfit, or run ultra marathons, he understands the demands and requirements on your body. He prioritizes getting you back to what you love. He treats the body as a system and can pinpoint contributing factors up and down stream of your problem area. He's been able to provide me with immediate symptom relief, targeted warm ups and drills, and education about my injuries. "                                                                                                           5/5 Stars - S. N. 

" Dr. Hartmann's approach to my low back issue was thorough, professional, and specifically tailored to my lifestyle. Along with my active lifestyle, I am a Firefighter. It is vital that I keep my body in great condition to do my job and enjoy life.  Working with Dr. Hartmann has significantly helped me to fix myself. I would highly recommend him. "                                                                                                  5/5 Stars - L. E. 

" Luke has been treating me for back problems that surgery won't fix. I have had physical therapy before with no success. Since I began seeing Luke I have immediately seen progress.  I am 76 years old and not in the best health. Luke has been extremely aware of my problems and safely set up a treatment and training plan and his knowledge always has me feeling comfortable. "                                         5/5 Stars - H. R. 

" I highly recommend Dr. Hartmann. I saw this foot whisper following a fusion foot surgery that left me hobbling and cautious. After our first visit my gait improved, my mobility improved, and I continue to improve with his PT program daily. he understands body mechanics, he pays attention to what YOUR body is doing, and he explains the therapy in and easy to understand way, and makes sure you are able to do it. Thank You!!"                                                                                                                       5/5 Stars - S. Z. 

"Dr. Luke is here for one reason, You! His knowledge, bedside manner, and personality make him an anomaly in today's 'take a number' style of medicine. Highly recommended!" 

                                                                                                                                        5/5 Stars - C. C. 

" Luke is a professional that clears knows his craft. Never have I gone in and been disappointed. I have been going to him for years. He isn't pushy to schedule you and never makes a decision for his financial benefit. There is no question, I highly recommend Luke for any injury, maintenance, or preventative care.  Worth every penny!" 

                                                                                                                                         5/5 Stars - M. D. 

"After many months of going to many different professionals, I finally feel like I have a plan for treating my shoulder that makes sense. Luke is personal, professional, and informative.  I finally feel hopeful that I will be able to lift some weights again! "                                                                               5/5 Stars - K. H.