" Luke's unique and complete approach has kept me healthy over the past four years of Crossfit Competition. StayUnbroken has me moving, training, competing, and recovering at an elite level. He is the only one I trust to manage my health."

- Carleen Mathews

2x Crossfit Games Competitor

3x Winner West Region Crossfit Open

GRID Athlete

" I have been working with Luke as my PT and coach for several years with great results. With his incredible knowledge, Luke designs holistic training and treatment programs that keep me healthy while performing at my highest level year round. "

  Charlie Douthwaite

Cyclocross Athlete

Wilderness Enthusiast

"A year ago, I signed up for a big, hairy, audacious goal: complete a self-supported 170 mile stage race through the deserts of Arizona and Utah. Three months into training, I developed a hip injury making running more than a few steps impossible.

I'd worked with Luke in the past, and with my goal looming, I turned to him for help. He developed a  long range plan based on an accurate diagnosis and prescribed exercises that addressed both my injury and existing running imbalances. Following his plan allowed me to complete 25 mile a day training, and most importantly, I was able to finish my stage race healthy and have fun while doing so!

I'm so thankful to have such a knowledgable and personal physical therapist. Luke's pay as you go business model, view of the body as an integrated system, and ability to build short term goals within a bigger picture makes physical therapy convenient, affordable, and effective. I cannot recommend Luke enough!"                

- Cheryl Trempala 

          - Ultra Runner & Adventure Racer

- Over 1,500 miles logged in 2016

"I'm pushing 60, very active with high expectations for staying super active for the rest of my life. I need help, not only staying in the game but managing my injuries and stresses while progressing my skills and interests.

I love working with Luke, his ability to translate my goals into high quality, safe action plans goes way beyond cookie-cutter physical therapy and coaching. His manual manipulations and therapies are top notch. But most importantly- he's just plain fun to work with!"                

- Todd Grimmett

- Tactical and Martial Artist 

   - Fitness and Outdoor Adventure Devotee

" Whethering preparing for a 1/2 marathon, Crossfit Competition, or Weightlifting Meet, Luke has always been able to get to the root of my limitations. He has such a passion and expertise, over the years he has helped me gain stability, increase flexibility, and perform at my best. Combining great listening and unmatched observational skills, I always empowered, more knowledgable, and with the perfectly constructed training program to resolve pain and move properly. "

- Kay Lybeck 

- Mother

- Oregon Masters Weightlifting Record Holder

- Crossfit Masters Competitor

-Spartan Race Destroyer

"25 Years ago I was a Division 1 wrestler. Since that time, Stressful job, too many hours at a desk, ruptured ligaments, broken bones, surgeries, bourbon, - they have all left their mark. I attempted to stay at it, Crossfit, surfing, snowboarding, but I could not stay healthy. The list of body parts that hurt began to outnumber those that didn't. Finally, I got tired of being stoic and contacted Luke. 

He figured out why my scapula didn't work and eliminated the constant grinding and pain in my shoulders.   He identified my hip mobility restrictions and tackled my knee and back pain. Luke continued by evaluating my lifestyle, my habits, and most importantly my goals. With Luke's help, I have returned to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and earned my purple belt. Not quite a time machine, but pretty close. "                                                 

                                                  - Steve O'Hagan                                                                 - Attorney Multnomah County District Attorney's Office                               - Born again Outdoor Junkie & Grappling Monster 

" I am a very active 85 year old. Everyday you will find me either weight training, swimming, or golfing. Over the past ten years I have had my share of aches, sprains,  and falls.  Luke is always there to rescue me and his thorough custom regime gets me back on the course amazingly fast. If you'd like to perform, I really recommend his programming. "

-Fred Dorgin

-Life long learner, Life long athlete