Performance Science

This is true healthcare.  Retroactively seeking healthcare after an injury is disease care.   When the goal is living and performing optimally, one must be proactive. Lifestyle and program design is the key. Take charge of your stress, your breathing, your posture, your nutrition, your fitness, and thrive. If it's yours, than own it. Here's how...


Performance and Athletic Training, Mobility and Fitness Programming, Athlete Management, Lifestyle Design and Biohacking

Private and Satellite Coaching


One Hour Initial Consultation Includes:

  • Sport Specific Movement Assessment
  • Strength and skill evaluation
  • Athletic position and postural analysis  
  • Performance dissection  
  • Supportive mobility & accessory training prescription
  • Skype Consultation Available for this service 
  • Following your initial consultation you will be sent a review of all assessment findings and specific interventions to  support as well as improve your performance.  




Fitness & Sport Performance 

Mobility and Self Care

Jiu Jitsu, MMA, Tactical Athletes 

Crossfit Accessory Training, Strength, Mobility, Skill Training

The Unbreakable Runner

Fact: 3/4 runners experience minimum of one injury per year. 

Solution: Improve your technique, stability, strength, and organize your recovery.

  • Sport Specific Movement Assessment
  • Running & Mountaineering conditioning
  • Foot & Ankle strengthening and care
  • Balance, Proprioceptive, Agility training
  • Core strength and muscular development
  • Self care and recovery  programming 
  • Skype Consultation Available for this product
  • Following your initial consultation you will be sent a review of all assessment findings and specific interventions to support as well as improve your performance.  







Athlete Management

Strategy unlocks the actualization of athletic performance. The majority of athletic endeavors are well defined prior to participation. Have a game plan, have a recovery plan, and capitalize on your mindful approach. 

  • Onsite or Satellite event Coaching or Physical Therapy 
  • Competition specific performance and recovery programming
  • Event / race / competition performance assessment and preparation 
2016 Crossfit Regionals Program
Example of event specific athlete management program. This program was prepared and executed for Carleen Mathews during 2016 Crossfit West Regional Competition
Adobe Acrobat Document 65.0 KB

Lifestyle Design

More often than not, the only variable separating an accomplished goal and a failed goal is a plan. Designing a program, a specific, definable, and quantifiable program ensures success from Olympians to those looking to optimize the limited free hours in the week.


" We don't rise to the level of our hopes, we fall to the level of our training."  - Archilochus


Human performance, much like rehabilitation or mastering a new skill, is achieved through developing the right recipe. Routine, although not often seen as an attractive word, is often the missing ingredient in solving your performance puzzle.


" Routine, in an intelligent man, is a sign of ambition."  - W. H. Auden


If you have the ambition to lace up your running shoes, inflate those tires, or load that barbell, you have performed the hardest part. Through positive habit formation, personal and goal specific programming, training can lead to triumph. 


Here are a few examples of programming that maybe the missing component inhibiting your optimal performance;

  • Goal setting 
  • Training schedule optimization -  training/rest day ratios, using active recovery days, modality use
  • Mobility/self care - sport and activity specific mobility to improve performance, sustain training, and improve health
  • Breath work - improve lung strength and capacity, stress management, performance enhancement
  • Inflammation management - modality use, supplementation, nutritional intervention
  • Sleep hygiene -  in order to perform, in order to recover one must sleep optimally. sleep hygiene develops performance
  • 30 day programming - routine development, fitness and mobility programming, patient discharge program
  • Event programming - see athlete management examples at bottom of the page
  • Recovery programming - how to restore and prepare, what behaviors will enable your best performance